UVC Air Purifier

Experience a healthy life, enjoy the fresh air

High efficiency purification/sterilization and aldehyde removal/humidification three-in-one purifier

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Main features


UV Bacteria

Whole house purification

Air purifier

Five-layer filter

Layer filter

LCD digital

Intuitive panel

Intelligent control


Aromatherapy humidification


Four speeds

Fourth gear

Mute and energy saving

Low noise

Fresh air

Low noise


Indoor and outdoor pollution

Pollen haze, indoor smell, bacterial contamination

UV Efficient Sterilization

Sterilization rate is as high as 99.9%

Authoritative certification

Comply with international testing standards and use date to prove the effect, authoritative certification

Smart LED display

The display intuitively feedbacks real-time temperature, humidity and air quality

Smart atmosphere light

Different atmossphere lights are different, the air is fresh and green

Full Specifications

Product name SALUS-AIR Mini
CADR value 513 square meters
Usable area 60 square meters
Product filter 3 layers
Product net weight 7.05Kg
Product voltage 100V-240V
Product functions Sterilization, purification, humudification
CCM value of particulate matter P4
Product noise 25-50Db
Product size 320*320*660mm
Product power 68W