UVC Sterilizing Air Purifier

Eliminates all airborne viruses, bacteria and molds in the air

SALUS-AIR's innovative air disinfection system combines different processes that naturally sanitize the environment, creating a safe and pleasant atmosphere.

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Main features

Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral

Eliminates over 99.99% of viruses and bacteria in the air, this being the main means of contagion, turning the surrounding area into a safe and comfortable space.

Particle CADR

With a clean air rate of up to 750 cubic meters per hour, you can sanitize any enclosed space in the blink of an eye.

Room Size

With the capacity to efficiently cover up to 970 square feet, SALUS-AIR is perfect to work in the vast majority of places, such as offices, lobbies or homes.

Quiet Motor

Barely producing 50 dB, the motor is slightly audible at low fan speed, you will hardly notice it is on. Your life and work without distractions.

Particle CCM

Higher particle purification capacity than the P4 level, the highest on the CCM scale. One of the most efficient purifiers on the market.

Filter System Analysis Diagram

Advanced, multi-stage filtration technology

1) Humidifier -- HOCL Dispersion unit

Ultrasonic difussion

2) H13 HEPA high efficiency filter

HEPA physical filtration

3) EBM Fan motor

With negative ion generator.

4) Activated-Catalytic carbon filter

High efficiency removal of HCHO, TVOCS and ODORS

5) UVC Light sterilization system

Ultraviolet rays sterilize and destroy viruses

6) Pre-filter (Washable)

Remove large pollutants like dust, hair and pet dander

7) Fresh air inlet (Optional)

Input the fresh air from outside

Full Specifications

Product name SALUS-AIR
Air flow volume 1200m3/h (708 CFM)
CCM Particle P4 (The highest level)
CCM Formaldehyde F4 (The highest level)
Sterilization rate > 99.99%
Coverage area 60-100m2
Noise level 50-65dB
Color white/customized
Voltage 120V/60Hz
Rated power 12.5W-145W
Application Hospital, clinic, bedroom, study, office, school, living room, etc
Product size 390*390*1050mm
Carton packaged size 453*453*1085mm
N.W / G.W. 25Kg/26Kg
Filtration System 7 stages filter system:
Stage 1: Pre-filter (Washable, 350*350*20mm)
Stage 2: UV Lamp module (350*350*110mm)
Stage 3: Activated Carbon filter (350*350*110mm)
Stage 4: HEPA (Class H13 in EN 1822) filter (350*350*110mm)
Stage 5: Negative ion (Anion) (Optional)
Stage 6: Plasma ion (Optional)
Stage 7: Tio2 filter (Optional)
Humidification system Feature:
1. Capacity: 1.5L water, last for 8 hours per time
2. Work principle: Ultrasonic diffusion
3. HOCl Dispersion unit
Product Features Front panel:
1.-- PM2.5 digital display
2.-- 4 colors air quality indicator (blue-light purple-dark purple-red)
3.-- Wind speed
4.-- Air running volume
5.-- Disinfection status
6.-- Light status
7.-- Wifi working status (Optional)
8.-- Humidification status
Belt Ambient light:
1.-- 4 colors air quality indicator (blue-light purple-dark purple-red)
2.-- Seamless stainless steel belt
Upper panel:
1.-- WIFI connection by mobile phone
2.-- Filter operating status
3.-- Sleep mode
4.-- Disinfection mode
5.-- Speedy Mode: 4-gear wind speed adjustable (1-2-3-4)
6.-- Children Lock
7.-- Timer: 2h, 4h, 8h and 12h
8.-- Humidification mode (water less will show in red)
9.-- High voltage protection warning
10.-- Filter cleaning/reset reminder
1.-- Laser sensor